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Brumate Togosa 49oz

Brumate Togosa 49oz

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Wine Chiller + Leakproof Pitcher

  • Securely Fits Most Wine, Champagne, & Liquor Bottles
  • 48+ Hrs Cold / 4 Hrs Hot
  • 100% Leakproof Strainer Lid
  • Chiller Lid Locks Bottles In
  • Every Sip, Ice-Cold
  • No Metallic Taste

2-in-1 Togosa To-Go

Take warm drinks off the guest list with the all-new Togosa, the world’s first 2-in-1 wine/champagne chiller and leakproof pitcher. Includes two attachment lids to lock in your bottles and keep them the perfect temperature on-the-go, plus a leakproof strainer lid, so you secure your favorite beverages, cocktails, juices, or mixers while in transit.

Height: 9.4 inch
Diameter: 5 inch
Capacity: 49oz

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