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Sh*t Seasoning and Rubs

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No Sh*t Salt Free Seasoning

No Sh*t was developed as an all-purpose seasoning to enhance the flavor of beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, and eggs. Who could have imagined that a product without sodium could taste this good? Well folks, this just proves that we really know our Shit around here.


Pepper, Garlic, Parsley, Basil, Onion, Salt, Celery, Paprika, Oregano, Calcium Stearate


Bull Shit



Seasoning salt, salt, brown sugar, paprika, granulated garlic, granulated onion, granulated celery.

Aw Shit Seasoning 

Hot n' Spicy, specially blended for those who want a little heat in the cooking. This is just what the doctor ordered, the taste is Mexican meets Cajun. This shit seasoning provides just the right amount of kick to make you say "Aw Shit!". You won't find this in your local grocery market. This is a special product, and the spiciest of the Shit seasonings. Aw Shit will get you reaching for the nearest beer, but without having to "bite the bullet" the next morning. Whether you're a gourmet cook or a sadist trying to get even with a friend, Aw Shit will provide the extra heat to bring out your best. Perfect for Fajitas, Chicken Wings, Brisket & Steak. Customer reviews for this all say the same thing: 

"Love all the tasty special shit seasonings, but this is the hottest by far"

"This is a great product, my favourite and has added great flavors to everything I cook"

Ingredients: Cayenne pepper, seasoning salt, chili powder, ancho chili powder, garlic salt, pepper.

Special Shit Seasoning & Rub 

Special shit is great on pork, chops and ribs. Want to cook pork tenderloin or pork loin? Use this mix for a real barbecue treat. The name will have you and your family laughing. So, start your grill and use this secret spice mix on your weber. You'll have delectable special steaks, chicken, seafood, pork, potatoes, and veggies! This is a multi-purpose product. Add flavor to steaks, shrimp or chicken. Want great tasting barbeque chicken wings? Use a little or a lot for excellent cooking results. 

Special Shit Ingredients 
Salt, Pepper, Seasoned salt, Chile Powder, Garlic and Paprika - NO MSG

Good Shit Seasoning

Sweet and salty - This blend will transform regular chicken, ribs, and pork into a masterpiece of flavors. Goodshit barbecue rub comes in a 13 Oz shaker. When you open the container, you can smell a sugary salty paprika aroma with a hint of smoke. The taste on the finger is sweet but not too sweet swiftly followed by flavors of chili and salt, finally,  a really pleasant after taste. When used on ribs it gives a nice red color without overpowering the taste of the meat or the smoke. 

Taste the sweet difference! Good Shit Sweet n' Salty Seasoning is a specially blended formula designed to bring sweetness to the palate like no other seasoning does. This blend will transform regular chicken, ribs, and pork into a masterpiece of flavors. Amaze your friends and hear them say, "Man this is some Good Shit!" Good Shit will add just enough sweetness to leave your taste buds dancing. Try it on Teriyaki, popcorn (for that sweet and salty taste), ribs, chicken, Shit, put it on everything. But be forewarned, Good Shit is habit forming!

Big Cock Ranch in Austin Texas manufacture Good shit and is a proud supplier of their delicious barbecue spices and rubs. 
Brown Sugar, Sugar, Paprika, Seasoning Salt, Pepper

Chicken Shit Seasoning -

designed especially for chicken, turkey and poultry! This great tasting BBQ Rub is guaranteed to produce the juiciest, most succulent bird imaginable. No matter how you prepare it, this barbecue mix will bring out the best. This ain’t the same herbs and spices the fat man in the white suit uses; this is so much better! 

So how do you make proper barbecue chicken? Firstly it's all about the temperature. You want to get your grill to a very cool 300 degrees and cook until it's done, with no exposure to caramelizing high heat at all. Secondly, it's all about the taste, for that you can use this awesome dry rub for tremendous results. Third, when your product is ready then it's time for a final sear on your weber or green egg and mop with some sauce. Don't forget if you are going to try this on Turkey to add a little of this spice to your baste to maintain the right flavors during cooking. 

Chicken Shit Seasoning Ingredients:

Pepper, Garlic, Parsley, Basil, Onion, Salt, Celery, Paprika, Oregano and Calcium Stearate

Gluten Free and No MSG.